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by Laura on May 30, 2010

Post image for Before and After

So you probably already know that I’ve been taking this photography class online. A part of the class is learning how to do some minor editing of your pictures to help improve them. Of course what we’ve been taught is just the tip of the ice berg. I’ve been reading and learning more about different techniques and I’ve been having lots of fun trying new things out.

The picture I’ve posted is an example of some of the things I’ve learned how to do. Things like colour balance, proper contrast, skin smoothing, sharpening, and all the little details in between. Even putting the two images together to make one image file was done with photoshop. I think I’m officially a photoshop convert!

There are a loads more things that I would love to learn how to do. The next thing on my learning list is how to make actions for photoshop. These are like recipes that make work flow a little faster especially if your using the same techniques for many pictures. Lots of photographers have their own set of actions that they even sell to others.  Fortunately there are also lots of free ones to try too.

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