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by Laura on April 29, 2016

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This month has been crazy busy and fun. It began with celebrating Jude’s birthday, a visit from my Mom, and a weekend get-away to Italy. I’ll break down the trip into each day, but for the remaining portions of the month, I’ll squeeze them into this post.

Jude celebrated his birthday with a handful of friends that we took to the cinema to see Kung Fu Panda 3. It’s the first time we’ve had a birthday party at the movie theatre, and I’d say it went really well! Our scheduling was a bit difficult as the movie times weren’t posted until 5 days before the party, but we left enough time for the kids to have some play time and cake at our house after the show. I think Jude had a great time too so I’m calling it a success!IMG_9574 IMG_9578

We’ve been working on the garden the last few weeks, and things are starting to come together. We added another two small beds for the kids to create their own “fairy gardens”, of course one is more dinosaur and diggers than fairies. This past week I finally was able to harvest a couple of heads of lettuce; a romaine and an iceberg. They were both very tasty and relatively pest free which makes me very happy. Even the kids seemed to like the lettuce more than the usual store bought stuff. The cabbages will be ready soon, and I’ve filled the new spaces with tomatoes and sunflower seeds (for the squash that’s supposed to be planted, but hasn’t been yet. oops) The pics below are a few weeks ago, I’ll update with new pics soon.IMG_9658IMG_9659

During the kids’ spring break, my Mom came to visit for just over a week. It was lovely to see her again after more than 2.5 years. Since none of us had been to Cinque Terre before, we opted to celebrate my birthday down in Italy to do some exploring together. It was a lovely trip and photos will follow in another post, for now here are a handful from when we first arrived. We immediately hit the beach, and within ten minutes, Carys was soaking wet. IMG_9673 IMG_9692 IMG_9696 IMG_9714IMG_9674 IMG_9726 IMG_9732 IMG_9734

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Sissel April 29, 2016 at 11:50 pm

So nice to see everyone. Looks like everyone had a wonderful fun weekend to Italy. It sure is nice you can drive to these amazing places. Your garden looks great. You must have got the lettuces in pretty early as the ones we have here are just a few leaves still.


Mom April 30, 2016 at 2:50 am

Your house is now a home with many personal touches that each of you have created and more to add over the years.

Amazing that in 5-6 hours drive away from your home you are totally immersed into another culture. I’ve told many of the different experiences and adventures of our weekend away trip to Italy. Noting with regards to food … that we had the best tasting pizza from La Picea di La Rosa Riccardo and the best tasting cannoli from Il Pirata delle Cinque Terre. Time went by way too quickly! This was a chance in a lifetime that I will cherish and it was truly a fabulous experience. <3


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